My peer-reviewed publications.

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  1. Probabilities Are Not Enough: Formal Controller Synthesis for Stochastic Dynamical Models with Epistemic Uncertainty
    Thom BadingsLicio RomaoAlessandro Abate, and Nils Jansen
    In AAAI 2023
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  2. Robust Control for Dynamical Systems with Non-Gaussian Noise via Formal Abstractions
    Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 2023
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  3. Decision-Making Under Uncertainty: Beyond Probabilities
    Thom S. Badings, Thiago D. SimãoMarnix Suilen, and Nils Jansen
    Int J Softw Tools Technol Transfer (To appear) 2023
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  4. Efficient Sensitivity Analysis for Parametric Robust Markov Chains
    Thom BadingsSebastian Junges, Ahmadreza Marandi, Ufuk Topcu, and Nils Jansen
    In CAV 2023
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  5. QEST
    Formal Controller Synthesis for Markov Jump Linear Systems with Uncertain Dynamics
    Luke Rickard, Thom S. Badings, Licio Romao, and Alessandro Abate
    In QEST 2023
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  1. Sampling-Based Robust Control of Autonomous Systems with Non-Gaussian Noise
    In AAAI (distinguished paper) 2022
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  2. Scenario-Based Verification of Uncertain Parametric MDPs
    Int J Softw Tools Technol Transfer 2022
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  3. Sampling-Based Verification of CTMCs with Uncertain Rates
    In CAV 2022
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  1. Filter-Based Abstractions for Safe Planning of Partially Observable Dynamical Systems
    CoRR 2021
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  2. Balancing Wind and Batteries: Towards Predictive Verification of Smart Grids
    Thom BadingsArnd HartmannsNils Jansen, and Marnix Suilen
    In NFM 2021
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  1. Data validation and reconciliation for error correction and gross error detection in multiphase allocation systems
    Thom Badings, and Dennis S. van Putten
    Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2020
    ​ ​
  2. Demand Flexibility Management for Buildings-to-Grid Integration with Uncertain Generation
    Vahab Rostampour,  Thom Badings, and Jacquelien M. A. Scherpen
    ENERGIES Dec 2020
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  1. Distributed Building Energy Storage Units for Frequency Control Service in Power Systems
    Thom Badings, Vahab Rostampour, and Jacquelien M.A. Scherpen
    IFAC-PapersOnLine Dec 2019
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  2. Buildings-to-Grid Integration with High Wind Power Penetration
    Vahab Rostampour,  Thom Badings, and Jacquelien M. A. Scherpen
    In CDC Dec 2019
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